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Way Up Profile

View Grant’s Way Up profile to learn more about his education, work experience, and volunteer efforts.

NVHS Patriots

Check out Grant’s stats for his 2017 season with the North Virgo High School Patriots.

Cross Country Stats

View Grant’s 2011 cross country season statistics.

Medium Blogs

Visit Grant’s profile to read all about his experience navigating University and exploring the world of engineering.

The Value of a Computer Engineering Degree

Grant discusses the study of computer engineering, including the variety of educational paths and salary options.

Health tips for University Students

Living a healthy lifestyle while attending 15+ hours of lectures and tending to hours of homework daily can be a difficult task for many students. In this blog, Grant talks quick and easy tips students can implement in their daily routine.

5 Tips for Productive Studying

Grant is sharing his top tips for focusing during exam season. No matter your degree, you can benefit from implementing one or more of these tips in your study schedule.

The Real Value of a College Degree

Every year, more and more high school graduates are heading to post-secondary institutions to obtain certificates and degrees. But this experience is much more than a journey to finding a lifelong career. Grant breaks down the real value of a college degree.

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